June 27, 2016 Park Board Meeting


Stormwater Management Discussion

Executive Director Rogers updated the Board on negotiations with the City concerning the use of District park space for stormwater detention.  The Board’s subcommittee met with the City on June 9 to review draft terms of the Golden Meadows intergovernmental agreement (IGA) and to discuss other stormwater detention areas including York Commons.  Rogers and City Manager Grabowski had a conference call with the IDNR Director of Architecture, Engineering and Grants to propose the terms of the IGA for the use of IDNR grant purchased park property at Golden Meadows for stormwater detention by the City.  Rogers stated that IDNR understood what is being proposed and indicated that they will work with the District on the endeavor, which also requires approval by the National Park Service.  IDNR requested a Statement of Intent, which was provided explaining the City’s flooding issue, proposed solutions using District property and a map of the proposed detention area in Golden Meadows.  The City Council anticipates a report from the Public Works Dept. recommending the approval of the IGA of Golden Meadows on July 5.  The next stormwater management meeting is scheduled for June 30, 2016.

Regarding York Commons, the City has encountered a problem in gaining access to residential property for piping to the proposed detention basin.  While the City continues its efforts to secure an easement, the City does not anticipate beginning construction of the basin prior to the closing of Smalley Pool on August 15.  Additionally, the City continues to prepare its response to V3 Engineering’s comments made on May 3 concerning the location and aesthetics of the shut-off valve in York Commons.