June 9, 2016 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting


The Board’s subcommittee met with the City on June 9 and all of the items reviewed with the Board on June 8 were discussed including the draft terms of the Golden Meadows IGA and initiating discussions with IDNR as well as the status of the York Commons’ plans and project. 

Following the meeting, staff arranged a conference call on June 14 with IDNR’s Director of Architecture, Engineering and Grants about the proposed terms of the IGA for Golden Meadows that also included City Manager Grabowski.  IDNR understood what is being proposed and indicated that they will work with us on this endeavor.  While nothing has been formally approved and the proposal will also require approval by the National Park Service, this is a good first step.  At the request of IDNR, following the conference call the City Manager and PArk Doiistrict Executive Director jointly prepared and forwarded the attached two documents on June 17.  The first is a brief Statement of Intent that explains the issue at hand and the second is a map detailing the property with grant restrictions and the specific area proposed for conversion.

Finally, the City Council is tentatively scheduled to receive a report from the Public Works and Buildings Committee on July 5 recommending approval of the IGA.  This approval is not actual approval of the IGA, per se, but is instead approval of the terms it contains, similar to the consensus provided by the Park Board on June 8.  The IGA will be brought to the Park Board and City Council for formal approval once any changes are included based upon feedback provided by IDNR.

As regards York Commons, the City mentioned that they have encountered a “stumbling block” in gaining access across residential property from Crescent Avenue to connect under the railroad tracks to the park.  They are still working to secure an easement and as a result, confirmed that construction in the park will not begin prior to the closing of Smalley Pool on August 15.  The City also noted that they are still preparing a response to V3’s comments from May 3 concerning the location of the shut-off valve and proposing minor modifications to the valve to enhance aesthetics while allowing the City to keep the valve at its desired location.  In order to avoid visibility of the equipment at above grade, creative engineering will be necessary to meet the stated objectives of both the City and the Park District.  

The next stormwater management meeting was scheduled for June 30, 2016.

Attached:   Statement of Intent - Golden Meadows IGA

                  Map - Golden Meadows grant restrictions and proposed conversion