March 9, 2016 Park Board Meeting


Stormwater Subcommittee – Graf, Spaeth, RogersOn February 22, Board President Ubriaco signed the intergovernmental agreement for the York Commons Park stormwater detention.   V3 engineer, Greg Wolterstorff conducted a peer review of the 65% completion plans, which the subcommittee reviewed and returned to the City on February 29.  Per the IGA, the next version of plans will be reviewed at 95% completion.  The engineer made 19 comments from his peer review, the City is currently addressing those comments.  

The Public Works Committee will discuss the terms of the draft IGA for Golden Meadows at its March 14 meeting and anticipates passing it on for discussion and approval of the terms to the City Council for their March 21 meeting.  Commissioner Spaeth suggested the progression of negotiations with the City be posted on the District’s website for public review.