May 11, 2016 Park Board Meeting

Stormwater Management Discussion

Executive Director Rogers reported on the stormwater committee meeting held on April 28, 2016 with the City of Elmhurst.  All five sites under consideration were mentioned during the stormwater meeting.  Discussions continued regarding the location of the shut-off valve in York Commons and the construction schedule.  The City was informed of the District exploring options to address the location of the shut-off valve that would meet the needs of both the City and the Park District keeping in mind the need for functionality, ease of access for maintenance, and aesthetics. Subsequently, the District’s engineer, V3 Engineering, submitted a plan to the City on May 3 with the District's suggestions.  In discussing the timeline of the project, the District’s subcommittee reiterated to the City that safety remains the utmost concern in terms of scheduling and the District does not want major earthwork and excavation to occur during the pool season.  Both City and District staff have been working towards developing a schedule that would allow the City to commence work in time to complete the project by November.  The City has yet to confirm a start date.

Regarding the Golden Meadows Park stormwater detention basin, the District proposed a new sequencing of events, which was well received by the City.  District attorney, Paine, has revised the intergovernmental agreement (IGA) to reflect the new sequencing and timeline and forwarded it to the City earlier in the day on May 11.  District and City staff have discussed plans to begin environmental testing at Golden Meadows Park resulting in an access agreement being developed to allow the City to conduct testing.  V3 Engineering has completed its review of the 65% plans; their comments have been forwarded to the City. 

The IGA for Golden Meadows Park will be much different than the IGA for York Commons as the City will own the western portion of the site, thus requiring an IGA for two utility easements in the eastern portion to allow piping. 

At the stormwater committee meeting, the District stormwater subcommittee reiterated the Park Board's position on the three other park sites under consideration. Rogers read the Board's position “At this point in time, the Park Board is not interested in encumbering additional open space with detention basins to provide relief for approximately 11 remaining homes that would be impacted without Park District and City staff first discussing alternatives for three of the sites, similar to those alternatives already utilized by the City.”

The next stormwater committee meeting will be held on June 9, 2016 in City chambers with the goal to have the IGA for Golden Meadows Park ratified by the City and Park Board.