May 25, 2016 Park Board Meeting

The Park Board was provided this update in their May 25, 2016 Board Packet

As was mentioned at the Board’s last meeting, at the last stormwater subcommittee meeting on April 28, the District proposed a new sequencing of events concerning the Golden Meadows IGA intended to streamline and make the process more efficient.  The concept was generally well received by the City and thereafter, on May 11 District attorney Andrew Paine drafted a revised IGA to reflect the proposed changes (see copy attached).

On May 20, staff along with Attorney Paine met with the City Manager and City Attorney to continue discussions with the goal of having the document be approved by the each agency prior to the next subcommittee meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 9, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall.  Staff will provide an overview of the current negotiations for the Board.

In addition, as the Park District created an Access Agreement that has allowed the City to conduct environmental testing while the IGA is being negotiated, last week, the City’s environmental testing firm conducted a site visit and is in the process of preparing a Phase I Report.  Thus far, they report that the site visit and historical file review have shown nothing of concern other than the railroad tracks identified in the proposal.  Once the Phase I report is complete, the firm will coordinate with Park District staff to conduct Phase II activities onsite.

No Discussion of Stormwater took place at the May 25, 2016 Park Board Meeting