November 18, 2015 Park Board Meeting

Old Business- Stormwater Management
The Park Board stormwater subcommittee met with the City on November 12, 2015 at the City Council Chambers to continue the City's request to use Park District property. The City presented a significantly different proposal from its original request to include all five sites in the intergovernmental agreement. The revised proposal requests the use of York Commons only for stormwater detention, recreational amenities including a basketball court, two sand volleyball courts costing approximately $220,000, and a 16-year extension to the maintenance facility.

The board’s subcommittee has reviewed the proposal and recommends that no recreational amenities be funded by the City, saving taxpayers $220,000, and the facility lease coincide with the fire station lease at York Commons Park that runs until 2108. In regards to the other sites, each site will be considered on an ala carte basis and the City and Park District should work together to secure replacement acquisitions. The proposal provides an opportunity for both parties to work together to find the best value for the taxpayer dollar. The subcommittee also proposed the City pay a multiplier of the fair market value of the property. The proposal is the Park District’s final offer and requested the City respond by the end of 2015.

In response to Commissioner Pelosi’s question of when property value should be assessed, Executive Director Rogers stated that the timing still needs to be sorted out.