November 4, 2015 Park Board Meeting

UNFINISHED BUSINESS (OLD) – Stormwater Management The Park Board stormwater subcommittee met with the City on October 29, 2015. There were 11 residents in attendance with 6 providing public comment. The two remaining unresolved issues are the inclusion of all five park sites and the level of compensation for the parkland. In an attempt to resolve these issues, the subcommittee proposed to the City, using an appraisal process consistent with IDNR to pay the Park District the fair market value of the property or the cost of replacement acreage, whichever is greater. The City indicated that the District will receive a response prior to the next stormwater committee meeting on November 12. The City proposed replacing trees on a “1 for 1” basis, after evaluating quality. The District agreed with this adding that it may choose to forego tree replacement for cash replacement value instead for some or all of the replacement trees. The City countered with the District providing a list of desired tree species and the City purchasing and installing the tree replacements in the future at park locations to be determined by the District. The subcommittee requested the counterproposal be placed in writing. Per the City’s request to provide copies of all grant documentation, staff began scanning the materials to fulfill their request.

On Tuesday morning, the District received a formal FOIA request from the City’s attorney. In response to Commissioner Pelosi’s inquiry about the exchange of land recently purchased by the City to satisfy IDNR’s requirement of replacement property, Executive Director Rogers stated that IDNR generally does not allow the exchange of publicly owned land. The Board discussed the possibility of IDNR accepting the exception as IDNR did state that they will consider all proposals. Completing the IGA master document with all five sites as stated in the District’s latest proposal, the District can move forward in approaching IDNR for considerations. Board President Ubriaco stated that the District’s agreement to accept replacement cost is a very generous offer.