October 14, 2015 Park Board Meeting


Stormwater Management

Executive Director Rogers summarized the September 23, 2015 meeting with the City. Discussions continued over the same issues including the City’s demand for all five sites to be in the IGA, the extension of the maintenance facility lease, the IDNR process, funding of possible conversion properties and tree replacements. Due to the late arrival of a revised IGA from the City, the Board’s subcommittee was unable to discuss prior to the meeting with the City. Rogers stated that there appears to be a stalemate as the City is adamant that the Park District commit to all five sites before extending the maintenance facility lease to the Park District. The next meeting will be October 29, 2015. Staff has provided the City with copies of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) grant program participation manual, which outlines the requirements of the grant and processing for conversion. Additional requested documents including boundary maps will be sent October 15, 2015, including completed post-inspection reports as required by IDNR. Restrictions in the requested area in Crestview Park have expired because it was purchased with HUD funds. The City is purchasing two homes bordering East End Park. Commissioner Graf stated that the subcommittee continues to work on ideas to resolve the stalemate. Without a proposal for replacement property, the Park District has gone as far as it could with requesting permission from IDNR for property conversion. In response to Commissioner Ennis asking if the Park District could request dual use of park property from IDNR, Rogers stated that while off-site stormwater detention is not allowed by IDNR, officials have indicated that they will consider any alternatives presented. Board President Ubriaco stated that in 2014 the Park District agreed, in part, to the use of Golden Meadows Park for stormwater detention in exchange for the City extending the maintenance garage lease concurrent with the firehouse at York Commons Park to help 58 homes. Rogers stated that the City has agreed to pay the appraised value for the property, but does not want to extend the garage unless the Park District agrees to all five sites as the Park District is continuing to vet Crestview and East End parks.

Complete meeting minutes are attached below.