September 10, 2015 Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting

Stormwater Subcommittee Meeting  

On Thursday evening, September 10, 2015 the stormwater subcommittee (Commissioners Spaeth and Graf, and I) participated in the latest public meeting held at City Hall.  The video of the meeting can be found online on the City’s ElmhurstTV YouTube channel or access it here.   Approximately 9 residents attended the meeting and 3 spoke during public comment.  As the Board discussed Wednesday, the subcommittee reviewed terms of the IGA starting with the Board’s proposal to agree to implement three sites while continuing to consider the two others.  The City remains firm on including all five sites in the document.  Other topics covered included the extension of the maintenance facility lease, funding vs. construction of the agreed upon recreational components, the IDNR process, funding of possible conversion properties and tree replacements.  The tone of the meeting was more contentious than prior meetings as some of the major sticking points (i.e., the five sites and funding of conversion property) have yet to be resolved.  Your subcommittee plans to review and discuss these items with the Board at your September 23 meeting.  The next subcommittee meeting will be held Wednesday, September 30 at 7:00 pm.