September 23, 2015 Park Board Meeting


Stormwater Management

Executive Director Rogers stated that the stormwater subcommittee met with the City on September 10, 2015 in Council Chambers with public present to review the revised IGA reflecting the Park Board’s proposal to agree to implement three park sites for stormwater detention while continuing to consider the two other sites (Crestview and East End parks).  According to the subcommittee, the tone of the subcommittee meeting was more contentious than prior meetings.  The City remains firm on not agreeing to extend the maintenance building lease to the Park District unless all five sites are included in the IGA.  Other topics of discussion at the stormwater meeting with the City included the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources’ (IDNR) funding process, conversion properties and tree replacements.  The subcommittee will meet with the engineer of V3 Engineering to continue work on the additional sites.  Park District attorney, Andrew Paine of Tressler has been in contact with City attorneys to work on certain points in the IGA including subsequent modifications after construction and termination language.  Commissioner Graf stated that the Park District will not approach the IDNR without a signed IGA.  Commissioner Pelosi stated that the City extending the maintenance facility lease should be a non-issue as it saves the same taxpayers money.  The Park District has already agreed on three sites, one of which does not require IDNR approval.  Commissioner Morissette-Moll stated that the flood of 1987 should have prompted the City to consider infrastructure improvements.  Board President Ubriaco stated that the Park District is looking to make the term of the City garage coterminous with the use of land in York Commons Park for the firehouse.  There is no reason to delay construction of the detention basin in York Commons Park to help the 38 homes on Crescent Street. 

Complete meeting meetings are attached below.