Butterfield Park Redevelopment Begins

The $1.69 million bid by Elanar Construction Co., of Chicago, IL for the Butterfield Park Redevelopment Project was approved by the Park Board at their May 11, 2016 meeting. Construction on the project began in late June and will include the construction of a new universal playground, The Playground for Everyone, in addition to the $1.84 million planned park renovations.
To make way for The Playground for Everyone, the first step was removing the old playground equipment, which happened Wednesday, June 22, thanks to Kids Around the World, a non-profit agency that repurposes playgrounds and rebuilds them in developing countries that do not have the resources to provide playgrounds on their own. The Elmhurst Park District has worked with them previously to repurpose playground equipment from Wilder Park and Washington Park.
Highlights of the renovation project include improved water management with drainage planned at three ball fields, a new detention pond for rain collection during large rain events, new field backstops, tennis court resurfacing and new lighting, new pathways and amenities such as drinking fountains and accessible picnic areas. The parking lot will be enlarged, repaved, and lighting replaced. In addition, the unused concession area of the small recreation building will be removed and additional green space added. For full details and updates on the project visit www.epd.org. Butterfield Park will be closed throughout the summer during construction and will reopen with a grand opening event on Saturday, November 5, 2016.