Changes coming to Elmhurst Park District’s registration process: Take our Survey!

Update: The survey is now closed. If you still have questions or comments regarding registration, contact us and let us know!

It’s no secret that two of the last three registrations have been frustrating and difficult for residents. Therefore, staff will be making changes to the first day of registration beginning with winter registration in December.  

Following the spring and fall registrations, staff and the Board’s IT Committee reviewed feedback from residents and talked to other similarly sized park districts to look at changing up the process. The most common suggestion was to pull out more popular programs and do them on a separate day, which is typical of other park districts. In looking at past data, gymnastics has the highest number of households enrolled on the first day of registration, therefore, beginning with winter, gymnastics registration will be held on a separate day and time.

And we’d like your feedback about when that should be. Click here to take a survey about the best day and time to conduct gymnastics registration for winter programs. The survey will close on Saturday, October 13.

“While we can’t guarantee that residents will be able to process their general registrations within seconds on the first day of registration, we’re hopeful that making this change will lessen the burden on the system and ultimately reduce the time spent registering,” said Executive Director Jim Rogers.

After determining that the District’s software vendor is not currently able to meet the needs of residents, staff began the process of talking to other software vendors who may be able to handle the large volume seen in Elmhurst.

“Switching vendors is a process that can take anywhere from 12-18 months,” said Rogers, “But we know changes have to be made, and we plan to do extensive research to ensure the next vendor will be able to meet the community’s needs.’’

For more information on registration, click here.

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