Changes planned for upcoming summer registration

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Following the frustrations that many residents felt during spring registration, the Elmhurst Park District is making changes in time for the summer registration coming up this month.

The decision has been made to hold gymnastics registration on a separate date to reduce the high volume of traffic on the District’s registration software. Pulling the gymnastics registration is a practice the Park District has used in the past, as gymnastics typically has the highest number of household enrollments on the first day of registration. Due to the pandemic, the Park District has not had a need to do this during the last two years. However, the latest registration shows residents are ready and eager to return to programming, with a record number of registrations and wait lists this spring.

Gymnastics registration will take place Saturday, April 30 at 8 a.m. Resident registration for general programs will then be held on Saturday, May 7 at 8 a.m. Non-resident registration will follow on Tuesday, May 10.

The spring registration in February showed that there is an incredibly high demand for Park District programs. Transactions from the first day of registration showed a 61% increase over the pre pre-pandemic spring registration numbers. The number of households registering increased 25%, and unique registrants were up 23%.

Staff and the Park Board continue to be committed to finding a permanent solution for the registration issue, including bringing in an outside consultant to assist in the work and the possibility of switching to a new software vendor.

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