Elmhurst Garden Club makes $3,000 donation to Park District

At the Monday, October 14 Park Board meeting, members of the Elmhurst Garden Club presented a check to the District for $3,000, raised during the Garden Walk and Faire, held in July.

Penny O’Neill, Garden Walk & Faire Committee Chair, thanked the District for the support they provide during this annual event.

“We want to thank the Park District,” O’Neill said, “We can't make this happen without you.”

Next year will be the Elmhurst Garden Club’s 25th walk and the organization looks forward to a continued partnership with the Park District.

The donation will be used for the Recreation Assistance program, which allows disadvantaged Elmhurst families to participate in recreational programs. The District is grateful for the positive relationship it shares with the Elmhurst Garden Club and looks forward to the ongoing success of the group and its events.