Elmhurst Park District Makes Plans for The Playground for Everyone

Imagine a playground where every child can participate in all elements of the design. A place where children of all abilities can play, socialize, and dream together; fostering acceptance, friendship, and understanding through play. For many children with disabilities this may represent the only place in their lives where they can swing, slide, climb, spin and play side-by-side with their friends and peers without having to abandon their usual means of mobility.

Nearly every year, the Elmhurst Park District renovates one of its 18 existing playgrounds. Butterfield Park Playground is due for renovation in 2016, and presents the ideal location for the Playground for Everyone due to its size, ample parking, and larger geographic draw.

While the Elmhurst Park District budgets nearly $300,000 from taxes and revenue for the construction of a typical playground, the cost of the Playground for Everyone is likely to approach $550,000.Therefore, we are reaching out to our community partners and friends to ask for additional support to make this project a reality.

The Playground for Everyone would be one of a limited number of such playgrounds in the area, making it a destination for families in surrounding communities. The project is planned for fall 2016.

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