Fall Brochure now available

  • Fall Brochure now available

Mark your calendars

  • Gymnastics Resident Registration: Saturday, July 30, 8 am
  • Resident Registration: Saturday, August 6, 8 am
  • Non-resident Registration: Tuesday, August 9, 8 am

Virtual Waiting Room

The Park District’s software vendor, Vermont Systems Inc, has recently rolled out a new virtual waiting room feature to help manage high-volume registration events, ensuring that user volume does not exceed the website’s ability to provide a responsive registration experience.

On registration day, you will sign into the site as usual. Five minutes prior to registration, if user volume exceeds the software’s capability, a virtual waiting room will engage and all users logged in will enter a waiting room where you will receive your spot in line. You will keep your place in the waiting room line even if your phone goes to sleep, you lose your internet connection, or you close the virtual waiting room page, provided you log back in on the same device using the same browser.

Once it’s your turn to register you will be redirected to the registration site where you can browse the site and complete your transactions.

As a reminder, this new virtual waiting room feature will only kick-in if user volume exceeds the software’s capability. Otherwise, users will simply enter the site when registration opens.

You can also view the Virtual Waiting Room FAQ prior to registration for more information.

Make sure your EPD account is up-to-date

Make registering for fall programs a breeze by ensuring in advance that your EPD account is ready to go!

  • Verify or set-up your login information on our registration page, including your username and password.
  • Once you're logged in - update or set-up your household account, including:
    • Contact information
    • Household members
    • Address and residency status

Questions? We are here to help! Contact Registration by using our Contact form. 


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