Park Board Approves Conrad Fischer Park Playground Concept

The Conrad Fischer Park Project took a step forward at the Monday, November 27 meeting of the Elmhurst Park District Board of Park Commissioners. Park Board Members approved the playground concept and park improvements plan for Conrad Fischer Park, which is scheduled to be redeveloped in 2018. 

The playground plan includes replacing the existing playground with new equipment which allows for more climbing opportunities, providing additional seating, replacing the wood chips with a new unitary surface and constructing a barrier around the playground. Modern, green and blue equipment will be installed and be designed for the 2-5 age group.

Other improvements to the park include redeveloping the tennis courts and replacing the drinking fountain. Pending the approval of the 2018 Capital Budget at the December 11, 2017 Board Meeting, the budget for the Conrad Fischer Park Improvements will be $404,000.

The Park District used information gathered from the Vision 2020 Process to inform their decision on redeveloping Conrad Fischer Park. According to the District’s standard playground replacement schedule, Conrad Fisher playground was not intended to be renovated until 2020, but due to resident comments and the low park score from the Vision 2020 Plan, it was determined to advance the renovation to 2018.

The redevelopment plan was formed after gathering feedback from the community on proposed park improvements. Public input about the park plans was collected through a public meeting, in-person surveys at the playground and an online questionnaire made available on the Park District's website and Facebook page. 

Construction is anticipated to begin in June 2018, after school is let out, and to finish in August 2018.