Park Board lends support to City’s proposed bicycle/pedestrian bridge over Route 83

The Park Board emphasized the importance of safety and the ability to improve access to the Salt Creek Greenway Trail at the May 13 Park Board meeting, where they approved providing a letter of support to the City of Elmhurst in its plan to construct a pedestrian/bike bridge crossing over Route 83. The proposed bridge will extend over Route 83 from the North Graue Woods neighborhood to Cricket Creek Forest Preserve in order to link north Elmhurst to the Salt Creek Greenway Trail. A letter of support for the project will help the City of Elmhurst as they work to finance the bridge with the assistance of grants.

In addition to the letter, the Board supported making a financial contribution to the cost of the project’s Phase 1 Engineering. With an estimated budget of $150,000 for Phase 1 Engineering, Executive Director Jim Rogers projected a contribution of $15,000, or 10%, of the estimated costs.

A financial contribution sends a positive message to the City that the Park District is committed to the project, according to Rogers.

Elmhurst residents who live on the north side of the city east of Route 83 currently have no safe access route to the west side of the roadway. Commissioner Ubriaco emphasized how the proposed project aligned with the Park District’s Mission.

“North of North Avenue is a booming area. It would be great to provide those folks with access to the Salt Creek Greenway Trail,” Ubriaco said.

A pedestrian bridge would provide a safe option for traveling to the Trail or to Berens Park, enriching the lives of Elmhurst residents and providing easier access to popular Elmhurst destinations.

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