Park Board Proposes Storm Water Management Plan

To help address storm water management, open space preservation, economic development and education, the Park District created a potential plan that may appeal to the City of Elmhurst, School District 205, the Berteau property developer, and most importantly, Elmhurst residents.  As Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare has struck a deal to sell the property on Berteau to a developer, the Park District suggests that when the developer applies to the City to subdivide the property, the City would trade property it owns adjoining the Berteau property to the developer.  Thereafter, the City would then trade its portion of the Berteau property to the Park District, in exchange for the use of Golden Meadows Park for expanded stormwater storage.  The Park District would construct a park to take the place of Golden Meadows on its portion of the Berteau site, adding to home values for the developer, and would, in the long term, work with School District 205 to potentially utilize this site to address education-based needs of the community.