Renovations at Wilder Park’s Horticulture Complex begin this summer

  • Greenhouse Elmhurst, IL

Wilder Park’s Horticulture Complex is a vital part of the Park District. Many residents are familiar with the Conservatory, which hosts flower shows throughout the year. The two greenhouses next to the Conservatory are where the majority of the Conservatory’s plants are germinated, propagated and force-bloomed for up to 22 weeks before show time.

The greenhouses are also used to produce annuals and herbs for use in the Wilder Park Formal Wedding Gardens and to produce perennials, prairie grasses and woodland flowers for transplanting into landscapes and natural areas throughout Elmhurst’s parks. 

To ensure the long-term productivity of the facility, the Park Board approved renovations to the complex at their May 22 meeting. The most recent renovations occurred almost ten years ago. Repairs will include maintenance on the ridge vents on all three buildings, which are not currently fully operational. The vents manage temperatures in the facility and are essential to plant propagation. Also, the shade cloths in all three buildings are deteriorating and require replacement. Both systems are used nearly every day of the year. 

The project is expected to begin in mid-July and wrap-up in late September. Any changes to the Conservatory’s hours of operation will be posted to 

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