Update Regarding Registration Software Disruption Issues

We apologize for the disruption and inconvenience that occurred this morning with the Park District's registration software. We have been able to rectify the system running at an unacceptably slow rate of speed and it is now running properly. We are now working to understand the root cause of the problem.

In 2016, we experienced similar issues and after extensive assessment, the District upgraded its hardware, increased bandwidth and speed, installed software updates and performed additional load testing to simulate up to 1,000 people using the system at once, all with very positive results. Since that time, we have successfully completed seven consecutive registrations without issue. Obviously today’s experience requires us to have to re-examine if the software is capable of meeting the needs of our community.

We want to assure you that, as our staff does each and every season, beginning next week we will be working to add class sessions where possible to accommodate participants on waitlists.

Please also know that all of the comments that have been received are being reviewed, and we thank everyone who has offered suggestions or ideas on how we can improve.

Finally, we appreciate the care, planning and investment you make for your family, and the Elmhurst Park District takes pride in the offerings we provide our constituents as we strive to be good stewards of your tax dollars. We fully understand that what occurred today is unacceptable.

We will keep you posted through social media and the Park District website as we have more information to share.

Thank you again for choosing the Elmhurst Park District to provide for your family’s recreational needs.

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