Wilder Park Conservatory & Greenhouse Restoration Project - Sidewalks & Scaffolding

A new sidewalk has been installed along the north end of the Conservatory that connects to the link. The link is a new structure that connects the Conservatory and Greenhouse. It provides two new entryways to the Conservatory on the north and south sides. Additionally, scaffolding was erected throughout the interior of the Conservatory. The scaffolding eliminates the need for scissor lifts and extension ladders and provides the tradesmen better access to the structure. Construction crews continue to make progress with the installation of the Propagating House and Greenhouse. Nearly all panels are now hung in the Propagating House and the trim on the vents for the Greenhouse was installed. The HVAC contractors are busy running the piping that will heat the buildings and a new concrete ring was poured for the Conservatory pond. The ring brings the height of the pond up to grade with the surrounding beds and walkways. A new water feature in the pond will be installed following the completion of construction. For more information or questions, please contact Angela Ferrentino at (630)993-8915.