Park & Facilities Improvements

Ribbon cutting celebrates redeveloped east playground at Eldridge Park

 Board of Park Commissioners, Elmhurst, Eldridge Park

Cloudy skies didn’t stop the neighborhood from coming out to play last Saturday during the ribbon cutting at Eldridge Park’s newly redeveloped east playground. After a short ribbon cutting, Board President Kevin Graf and fellow commissioners welcomed families to the playground and invited them to be some of the first to try out the new equipment.

Annual tree planting will bring environmental benefits and shade to the parks

At their August 8 meeting, the Park Board approved the planting of sixty trees this fall. Fall is a great time of year for planting because it gives plants a long time to establish their root systems before the hot summer returns.

This year, the plantings will include shade and evergreen trees. Trees, of course, can provide shade, but they also provide other environmental benefits. Trees that absorb and store a large amount of water, such as the Bald Cypress, will be planted in areas in need of assistance with water absorption.

Washington Park baseball field project begins in mid-August

In mid-August, construction will begin at Washington Park as Elmhurst Park District staff removes the south baseball field. The proximity of the north and south baseball fields made it very difficult for simultaneous games to occur. Removing the south field will allow for greater open space in the park for soccer or other recreational sports.

Centennial Park now open!

The Park District's newest park in more than 30 years, Centennial Park, is now open! Centrally located in Elmhurst, at 155 E. St Charles Road, Centennial Park was dedicated in July 2020 and developed this year. Some of the park's unique features include geyser fountains, adult fitness equipment and a picnic shelter with green roof.

The geyser fountains are programmed to run 10am-6pm and will turn on sporadically for brief time periods, 2-3 times an hour. 

Adult programming finds new home at Centennial Recreation Center

Centennial Recreation Center (CRC), the new home for adult programming at Elmhurst Park District, is now open! Located in Centennial Park at 155 E. St. Charles Road, an Open House attended by seniors in the community kicked off the celebration on Friday, June 17. Guests checked out the new spaces for programming, social events and educational activities.

One attendee at the Open House thanked the Park Board of Commissioners for listening to the community’s input and making this project a reality for adults of all ages in our community.

Upcoming capital projects to include Eldridge Park playground redevelopment, Courts Plus parking lot and more

Several capital projects received the approval to more forward at the Monday, March 14 Park Board meeting, with projects at Eldridge Park, Courts Plus and the Wilder Park Formal Garden scheduled to be completed this year. Together, these projects are a sign of the Park District’s commitment to maintaining current assets and meeting the outdoor amenity needs of the community through maintenance and stewardship.

Courts Plus roof replacement project approved at recent Board Meeting

Upcoming maintenance work at Courts Plus will include the replacement of the roof over the Courts Plus café area, with the project receiving approval at the January 10 Park Board Meeting. Infrastructure projects such as this are a critical part of maintaining the Park District’s existing facilities.

In 2021, the majority of Courts Plus’ roof was replaced, with the plan to complete the project in smaller second and third phases in 2022 and 2026, respectively.

Maintenance Facility roof replacement highlights the benefits of cooperation between Park District and City

At their January 10 meeting, the Park Board approved payments toward the replacement of the roof at the City of Elmhurst's Maintenance Facility at 985 S. Riverside Drive, based on an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) which exists between the Park District and the City.

Surfacing project at The Hub tent area completed

The Hub tent area at Berens Park was recently revitalized by the Parks Department, with new plants and surfacing installed this October.

The space, located directly south of the Lee A. Daniels Pavilions, is a popular spot for birthday party groups and rentals. Regular maintenance is needed to ensure the outdoor amenity is a comfortable and relaxing place for the community, but this project also improved the area, creating a more welcoming spot for partygoers and park visitors. 

Fall Broadleaf Applications to begin October 6

Eternally Green Lawn Care, Inc. is scheduled to begin the annual fall broadleaf weed control applications on October 6, 2021. Applications are scheduled to take place between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. with some variations depending on the location. The schedule is weather dependent and may need to be adjusted based on conditions.  The District will update our website and social media with any changes to the application schedule.

In anticipation of Glos Memorial Park expansion and redevelopment, Park Board authorizes environmental services for 135 Palmer Drive

Glos Memorial Park has provided open space and formal gardens in downtown Elmhurst, the community’s most densely populated area, since the 1970s. In 2017, the District acquired 135 Palmer Drive, a building adjacent to Glos Memorial Park. This year, the goal is to demolish the building and parking lot, which are in poor condition, and return the area to open space for the community.

Glos Memorial Park Open House

May 03, 2021 - 6:00pm

5/3/21 - Please note that this open house is being moved indoors to the History Museum annex due to the rain forecast this evening. Parking will be at the History Museum across the street from Glos Park.

We are working to enhance a park in your community and we need your help. Stop by our Open House at Glos Memorial Park from 6-7:30 p.m. on Monday, May 3 to give your opinion and ask questions about the development of the park. 

Park Board discusses proposed 2021 Capital Projects, including demolition of 135 Palmer Drive building

Improvements at the newest District park and expansion of green space are just some of the proposed capital projects District staff is planning for in 2021.

Details about potential capital projects were presented at the January 25 Park Board meeting as part of an overview of the 2021 proposed budget.