Wilder Park Conservatory & Greenhouse Restoration Project - Wrapping Up Construction

As the project winds down the scope of the work on the Wilder Park Conservatory and Greenhouse Restoration Project has shifted from large-scale items to detail work.  Electricians are programming the building’s automation systems for heating and ventilation.  Carpenters are framing the Conservatory’s vestibule and will hang the perimeter windows in the coming weeks.  The hardware for the new ADA-accessible exterior doors has been installed and includes automatic openers.   The old fence surrounding the Propagating House has been removed and new posts were set with new fence panels to be installed by the end of the week.  The new fence will secure the grounds behind the facility and create a functional storage space for soil, pots, and other landscape material.  Meanwhile in anticipation of the grand re-opening in spring 2014, Park District staff is preparing orders for new plants and creating a landscape plan for the grounds.