Your Park, Your Plan: Thanks For Your Help With Butterfield Park Master Plan

In 2016, the Elmhurst Park District will be making improvements to Butterfield Park, including refurbishing the three tennis courts and lighting systems, correcting drainage issues in the park, and replacing the walking path.  The playground is also scheduled to be replaced in 2016.

The district plans to apply for the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program (OSLAD)/Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) grant for the Butterfield Park Master Plan.  Funding from the OSLAD grant program provides a maximum amount of $400,000 for park redevelopment with the requirement that the district provide matching funds.  Based on the identified needs for Butterfield Park (including the playground, drainage, tennis courts, and pathways), the total funding necessary to complete this work will exceed $800,000.  This was the same grant that was used to help fund the 2011 Wilder Park improvements.

As part of the OSLAD application process, a public meeting was held on May 22 at the Butterfield Park Recreation Building to collect feedback from park neighbors.  Twenty-seven patrons attended and feedback was also received from six additional residents via email and phone calls.  Residents expressed the greatest interest in relocating the basketball hoop, park grading and drainage, path quality and connection, and concern about drainage and infield mix running onto paths from ball diamonds.

Park District staff will work with V3 Engineering to prepare a master plan that reflects the community input; with cost in mind, it may be necessary to prioritize and phase the desired improvements.  Staff will return to the Park Board for approval of the master plan in 2015, after notification of the OSLAD/LWCF application status.

For more information, contact Director of Parks & Facilities Angela Ferrentino.  Thanks again for your input!