Sled Hills & Ice Skating

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Sled Hills

Three lighted sled hills are available for use at Berens Park, Crestview Park, and Eldridge Park depending on appropriate snow conditions. A fourth accessible junior hill is also available at Ben Allison Park . At lighted sled hills, lights turn on around 4 p.m. and the sled hill will close at 11 p.m. daily. Status of each of the sled hills will be communicated during the winter via the Rainout Hotline.

Sled Hill Etiquette

  • Danger – use sled hill at own risk.
  • Users assume full responsibility for determining if conditions are safe for sledding.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for children. No supervision provided.
  • Use caution when sledding and be considerate to others.
  • Only the following devices are allowed on the sled hill: plastic sleds, tubes and saucers. All other devices are prohibited.
  • Use sled hill walkways only when returning to the top of the hill.
  • Sledding is a hazardous activity and presents substantial risk.
  • Sledding is only permitted in designated areas and on side of hill designated for sledding.

Ice Skating

Eldridge Park Lagoon is used for ice skating during the winter months. Open water presents unique challenges for an ice skating rink. Ice is unpredictable due to changes in air and water temperature, water flow, snow cover, etc. Staff tests the ice in 6 locations and all 6 locations need to reach a consistent (3 day) thickness of 8 inches before we will open the lagoon for skating. Once the ice reaches a consistent thickness of 8 inches a green flag will be posted and the lagoon will be open for skating. Staff inspects and documents daily inspections of the ice at the lagoon.