Board of Park Commissioners Approves Vision 2020 Plan

From fall 2016 to early summer 2017, the Elmhurst Park District undertook the Vision 2020 process to update its current Comprehensive and Strategic Plans, which conclude at the end of 2017. Led by The Lakota Group, the planning team for the Vision 2020 process completed the Vision 2020 Plan key findings and draft final document based on the outcomes of the engage, analyze, envision, and implement phases of the process. At the Board’s June 26, 2017 meeting, the planning team presented these findings and an overview of the draft document, which the Board preliminarily discussed and provided initial feedback. At its July 10, 2017 meeting, the Board approved the draft final Vision 2020 Plan document.

The planning team developed the Vision 2020 Plan document to summarize the planning process and phases, key findings, needs assessment data, and feedback collected from the Board, community, stakeholders and staff. It includes a summary of the current state of the District and recommended future strategies. These strategies will drive long-range planning and direct decision-making and resources for the District toward a clearly-defined vision for its future, including development and redevelopment of parks, facilities, open space and recreation opportunities over the next five years.

The District will present the final Plan to the community at the 2017 State of the Park District address this fall and post the final document online.

Click here for The Lakota Group’s June 26, 2017 presentation to the Park Board.

Click here to review the draft Vision 2020 Plan final document approved by the Board on July 10, 2017.