Conrad Fischer Park Projects Approved, Construction to Begin in June

  • Conrad Fischer Master Plan

Plans for the redevelopment of Conrad Fischer Park playground moved forward at the Monday, February 26 Park Board meeting, with the Board approving the Playground Redevelopment Project and Safety Surfacing Project. The playground plan includes replacing the existing playground with new equipment which allows for more climbing opportunities, providing additional seating, replacing the wood chips with a new unitary surface and constructing a barrier around the playground. Modern, green and blue equipment will be installed and be designed for the 2-5 age group.

During park assessments conducted in 2017 as part of the Vision 2020 strategic planning process, each park was evaluated on a number of criteria. As a result of the assessment, the Conrad Fischer Park renovation was accelerated by two years and will be completed in 2018. The approved project will respond to resident comments and allow the park to continue to comply with the District’s playground replacement schedule, current safety standards, and ADA accessibility requirements.

The scope of the redevelopment project approved on February 26 includes installation of playground equipment, site furnishings, pavement surfaces and other site amenities. The Park Board approved the project in the amount of $87,584 with the additional amenity of a seat wall in the amount of $3,500.

The safety surfacing project’s scope includes the material and installation of poured in place permeable rubber safety surfacing and rubber safety tiles. It was approved in the amount of $64,780. Playground equipment will be purchased by the Park District at a cost of $92,966.

The tennis courts at the park are also being redeveloped. Last resurfaced in 2005, the courts will be resurfaced, repainted and restriped to provide several sport opportunities. After gathering community input, staff determined that converting the two existing tennis courts and one roller hockey court to one tennis court, one futsal court and two half basketball courts would provide more recreational opportunities for the neighborhood.

The scope of the Conrad Fischer Park Tennis Courts Resurfacing project involves filling the existing cracks, adding the Titantrax shield system, color coating and re-striping. The existing fence will remain in place and will be adjusted to meet the new court layout. The project was approved in the amount of $86,705.

Construction for these projects is scheduled to begin early June 2018 with a completion date of early August. Visit the Conrad Fischer playground project page for ongoing updates.