District applies for OSLAD grant in anticipation of developing new park in Pick Subdivision

  • Pick Park Elmhurst, IL

A new park is on the horizon for Elmhurst Park District. Located at 151 Monterey Avenue in the Pick Subdivision neighborhood, the Park District has applied for an OSLAD grant which could fund 50% of the park’s development. 

Pick Subdivision Park District consolidated with and became part of the Elmhurst Park District in 2015. In 2016, as part of the Vision 2020 Plan, the Pick Subdivision was identified as one of several areas in the community known as a park desert, where homes are not within walking distance of a park. 

To address this, in fall 2021, the Park District acquired ownership of a 0.11 acre parcel of property at 151 Monterey Avenue. This year, the Park Board and City Council each approved an ordinance transferring ownership of three 0.30 acre parcels previously owned by the City of Elmhurst to the Park District. This consolidated 1.01 acres is ideally suited for a mini or neighborhood park. 

The Park Board approved the name of Pick Park in September, reflecting the original owner of the land, Albert Pick, for which the subdivision was named. The name also pays homage to the neighborhood itself, which is a very tight-knit, engaged group. 

A Master Plan for the park was also approved in September in time to apply for funding from the Open Space Lands Acquisition and Development Program (OSLAD). The grant could fund 50% of park development costs. Numerous park developments in Elmhurst have received OSLAD funds over the years including Berens, Wilder and Butterfield parks. The OSLAD Grant awards will most likely be awarded in 2023. If the project does not receive funding, Park District staff will present a revised plan to the Board.

The current approved Master Plan was created based on feedback gathered from the Pick Subdivision neighborhood through open houses and surveys. It includes a playground for 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds, game tables, a bean bag toss, shade shelter, adult fitness equipment, bike repair station and bike racks. The plan also includes a split rail fence to serve as a buffer to the Salt Creek Greenway Trail, along which the park resides. 

The Park District anticipates beginning design development and engineering in 2023 for Pick Park. Construction would begin in 2024. 

Download the Approved Master Plan.