Elmhurst University recognized for 150th anniversary and for Park District partnerships

  • Elmhurst University

The Park Board recognized and honored the 150th anniversary of Elmhurst University during its December 13, 2021 Park Board meeting, passing a resolution commemorating the milestone. The University was founded on December 6, 1871 and has expanded its impact across the region, the nation and world. 

Given the proximity of Wilder Park to the campus, the Park District and University have been next door neighbors for decades and have worked cooperatively in many ways to enhance the lives of students and residents.

The resolution was presented to Elmhurst University President, Troy D. VanAken. A theme that Elmhurst University emphasizes is it’s ‘ever widening circle’, which VanAken acknowledged in his comments.

“The idea is that each individual that comes into our community, whether they graduate or they're a partner, like all of you, it expands the circle,” said VanAken.

“For the past twenty five years, you’ve been a significant part of that expanding circle. You are a very strong partner with Elmhurst University and, what I like about it, is that we partner where it makes sense.”

The resolution highlighted some of these partnerships, including the development of a baseball diamond at Butterfield Park, development of a softball diamond at Salt Creek Park and development and renovation of synthetic turf fields at Berens Park.

The District looks forward to continuing the relationship for years into the future.

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