Maintenance Facility roof replacement highlights the benefits of cooperation between Park District and City

At their January 10 meeting, the Park Board approved payments toward the replacement of the roof at the City of Elmhurst's Maintenance Facility at 985 S. Riverside Drive, based on an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) which exists between the Park District and the City.

Through the IGA, the City is allowed to utilize park property at York Commons for Fire Station #2 while the Park District is granted use of space and amenities, including offices, indoor and outdoor parking stalls, fuel pumps and a lunchroom, at the Maintenance Facility. Also as part of the IGA, the City maintains the building and schedules necessary repairs with the Park District contributing 25% towards the associated costs.

The existing roof at the facility was over 20 years old and is original to the 1999 Public Works garage. Work was completed over the summer of 2021, including the removal of the existing roof system, installation of insulation according to code, application of a new roof membrane system with flashing and gutters, and a roof ladder system. This project was included in the Park District’s FY21 Capital Plan.

The City’s original cost estimate for the project was $1,753,000 prompting District staff to budget $438,250 (25% of total cost) in the FY2021 Capital Improvement Fund. The accepted bid was later negotiated to a reduced contract for $914,305 by choosing a standard roof color as opposed to the custom color originally specified thus reducing the District’s 25% obligation to $238,076.25 (including engineering) from $438,250.

Through sharing resources and building cooperation between the City and the Park District, the IGA continues to provide value to local taxpayers and the community.