Metropolitan Family Services moving to Centennial Recreation Center

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Centennial Recreation Center (CRC), located at 155 E. St. Charles Road, opened earlier this month and is the new home for senior programming at the Park District.  It also is the new home for Metropolitan Family Services DuPage, increasing the visibility and access to this valuable program for seniors in the community.

The City of Elmhurst contracts with Metropolitan Family Services to provide counseling and other support services to seniors and senior caregivers that were previously located at City Hall. This month, both the Elmhurst City Council and the Park District Board of Commissioners approved a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two organizations, authorizing the move.

The decision to move Metropolitan Family Services is a collaborative effort between both entities to provide seniors easy access to both recreational and social services under one roof.

“It’s a great example of cooperation between our two governmental entities that’s in the interest of our city residents,” said Alderman Deuter at the June 6 City Council Meeting.

Under the terms of the agreement, the City of Elmhurst will continue to contract with Metropolitan to fund clinical and administrative supervision of two licensed social workers while the Park District will provide work space for Metropolitan and enable the organization to use the facility’s programming rooms for Adult Social Service offerings.

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