Recycle Your Tennis Balls at Elmhurst Parks

  • Tennis ball recycling

Tennis players, the Park District is making it easier for you to dispose of your dead and dull tennis balls. Instead of throwing them in the garbage bin, recycle your used tennis balls with us! Tennis ball recycling is now available at every outdoor tennis court in the Park District. Cylindrical, green bins are located near the main entryways to the courts and have a tennis ball shaped hole at the top to discourage trash or other recycling items to be inserted in them.

Toss your used tennis balls in and, once a bin is full, Park District staff will collect the balls and ship them free of charge to ReBounces, a company focused on reusing and recycling tennis balls. ReBounces grinds the balls up and incorporates them into tennis court surfacing, ensuring plenty of green, tennis fun for years to come. For further information regarding tennis ball recycling at the Elmhurst Park District or to report a full bin please contact the Director of Parks at (630) 993-8940.