Crestview Park

  • Treehouse playground
  • Crestview Park playground Elmhurst IL
  • Pickleball Courts

This neighborhood park features sports fields, basketball courts and six pickleball courts. Crestview has a sledding hill and treehouse themed playground. 

The park's recreation building also hosts a Sunbeams & Rainbows preschool class.

Current Size
11.14 acres
Events & Activities

The property was originally purchased in 1963 and named after its previous occupant, Crestview School. The original purchase was for 7.47 acres; additional acreage was purchased from the School District through OSLAD funds in 1971 and 1980. In a combined effort by the Park District, the homeowners' association, and community clubs, the Crestview recreational building was built and dedicated in 1970, with an addition to the building in 1975. The first playground was built in 1989 and two tennis courts were converted to two roller hockey courts in the late 1990s. The playground was renovated in 2005. The park became the site of the first dedicated pickleball courts in the Park District in 2020.

Crestview Park

245 E Crestview Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126
United States