Voter survey results presented to Park Board

At the November 25, 2019 meeting of the Elmhurst Park District Board of Park Commissioners, the Board heard results of a voter survey conducted by aQity Research & Insights regarding the District’s Vision 2020 large-scale projects. The survey gauged voter support for funding the projects, which include acquiring land and building an Indoor Sports Facility; replacing the Wagner Community Center and Eldridge Park Recreation Building; building a Dog Park, a new Adult Center, and a new Parks Maintenance Facility; acquiring open space for new and expanded parks; and improving maintenance at new and existing parks. The capital cost of the six projects was approximately $105 million. Based on the results of the survey, voters do not currently support the projects at that funding level.

“For the past few years we’ve been listening to the community and working to figure out how to give them what they’ve been asking for, but last night we heard that they’re not willing to fund it at the level proposed,” said Executive Director Jim Rogers, “So the next step is for the Park Board and staff to do a thorough examination of the survey results and work to refine the plans.”

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held on Monday, December 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the District’s administrative office at 375 W. First St. At that time, the Board will continue their review and discussion of the results and the future of the six proposed projects.

Aside from the survey results, 2020 will be a big year for the Elmhurst Park District as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

“We continue to have a lot to look forward to as we move into the Park District’s second century and prepare to celebrate 100 years,” said Rogers, “In addition to a number of celebratory events planned throughout the year, we will be getting ready to open the first new park in decades at the former Redeemer property, demolish the 135 Palmer Drive building to expand Glos Park, review a master plan for the south end of Wilder Park and demolish the Lizzadro Museum building, and continue our conversations with the school district on the future of The Abbey.”

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