In anticipation of Glos Memorial Park expansion and redevelopment, Park Board authorizes environmental services for 135 Palmer Drive

  • 135 Palmer Drive

Glos Memorial Park has provided open space and formal gardens in downtown Elmhurst, the community’s most densely populated area, since the 1970s. In 2017, the District acquired 135 Palmer Drive, a building adjacent to Glos Memorial Park. This year, the goal is to demolish the building and parking lot, which are in poor condition, and return the area to open space for the community.

Results of a 2017 environmental study indicated asbestos was detected or assumed to be present, in materials such as the insulation, floor mastic, roof sealant and transite panels at the 135 Palmer Drive building. Prior to demolition or improvements, all hazardous materials will need to be properly abated.

Proper abatement plans and specifications are required to ensure abatement work is performed in accordance with State, OSHA and EPA regulations. Staff recommended entering into an agreement for services with Midwest Environmental Consulting Services for asbestos project design, contractor bidding, project management and air quality testing. The company has provided services in this role for the District on previous projects including necessary abatement at Wagner Community Center and Wilder Mansion.

Staff also recommended contracting with the company to oversee and document the removal of an underground storage tank along the front entrance of the building which is believed to contain diesel fuel. The tank was likely used to fuel the building’s boiler for heating purposes. The removal of the tank requires several steps, including samples, reports and analysis and must follow all regulations set forth by the State Fire Marshal including the Marshal’s presence on site during the removal.

After environmental work and demolition of 135 Palmer Drive, site improvements at Glos Memorial Park will include landscaping and adding passive amenities. This project will be funded with previously received developer donations, along with additional donations to be received in 2021.

Demolition of 135 Palmer Drive is expected to be completed by the end of summer.