City of Elmhurst Begins Stormwater Project at York Commons

The City of Elmhurst began its stormwater detention project in York Commons last week with the removal of trees in the proposed detention basin. During this time, the skate park is closed for use but the playground and soccer fields remain open. The Elmhurst Park District anticipates the skate park to reopen in February 2017.

Beginning in August of 2014, the Elmhurst Park Board began discussions with the City of Elmhurst regarding its request to use five park properties for stormwater detention in order to assist with managing flooding and to help the neighbors affected in various areas of the community.  After months of negotiations, the Park Board approved stormwater detention in York Commons to help the neighbors on Crescent Avenue east of the park, and Golden Meadows Park to help the neighbors in the Pine and Avon neighborhood.  

The Elmhurst Park Board is committed to preserving green space in Elmhurst, but also recognizes the need to help the City with stormwater detention. Dozens of residents throughout the community attended Park Board meetings and community discussions urging the Board to help with stormwater solutions.

Intergovernmental Agreements for the construction of these two projects, were signed in February 2016, and July 2016, respectively. Copies of the agreements, engineering reports, and  meeting minutes related to stormwater management discussions can be found on the Elmhurst Park District website,

The City of Elmhurst is responsible for the design and construction of the project. Plans, specifications and information can be found on the City’s stormwater website at

As part of the Intergovernmental Agreement for York Commons, the City will restore grass to any affected areas.  In addition, all trees removed will be replaced using the DBH (Diameter at Breast Height) measurement, which measures tree circumference in inches.  Like-species trees will be planted throughout the District once the project is completed. The topography and aesthetics of York Commons will be changed, but many Elmhurst homes will be spared from flooding in the event of a large scale storm event. Please direct any questions with regard to the project to the City of Elmhurst.

In months ahead, construction will also begin at the Golden Meadows Park site, which calls for the property to be replaced due to Illinois Department of Natural Resources Restrictions on the land that forbid its use as a stormwater detention site. The Park District is in the process of searching for appropriate replacement property.