Wild Meadows Trace

Named after the park it is adjacent to, Wild Meadows Trace was added as a right-of-way along the old Great Western Railroad. The land was acquired in 1971, and a Bicentennial Fountain was created in 1976. Wild Meadows Trace was planned using shrubs, flowering bushes, wildflowers, and trees in their natural condition. Open grassy areas were left between the clusters of native growth.

Considered a special use area, the park does contain some development for active recreation. It was dedicated, along with the restored Great Western Railroad Depot, on July 4, 1976. Safety Town was then created to teach children bicycle and pedestrian safety. This park connects to the Illinois Prairie Path, which is a leased stretch of greenway running all through Elmhurst maintained by the Elmhurst Park District. A local garden club assists in the maintenance of an Interpretive Prairie Garden of labeled indigenous plants. A 9/11 Memorial was created in 2003 and sits at Spring Road and Wild Meadows Trace.

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51.99 acres