Meet community need for new and existing indoor recreation space.

  • Goal 1: Maintain and update existing facilities.
  • Goal 2: Invest in new indoor facilities / space to respond to community needs.
  • Goal 3: Optimize use of existing facilities.

Tactic 1: Optimize use of existing non-traditional indoor facility spaces to provide core offerings (Completed-Fall 2021)

Progress Update

  • Offered Summer and Fall programs in non-traditional spaces (Summer and Fall 2021), including:
    • Senior recreation programs at Wilder Mansion and Courts Plus
    • Youth and Special Interest and some Early Childhood recreation programs at Courts Plus
    • Sports camps at Centennial Recreation Center

Tactic 2: Complete design development and engineering and renovation of Adult Center (Targeted Completion Date-Summer 2022)

Adult Center Concept Boards, click to enlarge.

Project Background

  • Background: Based on the needs assessment and community feedback conducted during and after the Vision 2020 process, the Park Board has continued to move forward with developing a new Adult Center, including acquiring the 155 E. St. Charles Road facility and selling The Abbey to Elmhurst School District #205 for their new transition center. The existing building is 12,800 square feet on a 2.92 acre lot with a 67 car parking lot and large open lawn area for a neighborhood park.
  • Need: The need for a new Adult Center was a key finding in the Vision 2020 Plan based on community support for a new facility, the interest in increased adult programming, and The Abbey’s space constraints, condition, and lack of support facilities for recreation programming and events.
  • Building Review: The building has not had any major renovations in the past 20 years.  A complete review of the building systems, code review, ADA review and structural review was completed in 2019 by Dewberry Architects. Renovating the building will bring it into compliance and improve some of the building aesthetics.
  • Cost: The total project cost is $900,000, including architecture and engineering services and construction ($270,000 in 2021 and $630,000 in 2022 based on a realistic construction schedule).
  • Funding: Proceeds from The Abbey sale will fund the majority of the project ($700,000) along with Special Recreation Association Fund reserves for accessibility improvements ($200,000).
  • Timeline based on a realistic construction schedule:
    • ​Spring/Summer 2021: Project planning (architectural and engineering)
    • Fall 2021: Project bid process and approval and begin construction
    • Winter/Spring 2022: Construction continues with a targeted completion in late Spring

Progress Update

  • Park Board approved the contract to hire Dewberry Architects for architectural and engineering services for the Adult Center renovation (Winter 2021)
  • Held project kickoff meeting with staff and representatives of Dewberry Architects, including their subcontracted engineering professionals (Spring 2021)
  • Dewberry Architects completed and the Park Board reviewed, updated project scope, cost estimates, and schematic design based on staff feedback (Spring & Summer 2021)
  • Held mandatory on-site pre-bid meeting (36 contractors attended) (Fall 2021)
  • Park Board approved the contract to hire O’Neill Contractors Inc. for the construction project and EHC Industries, Inc. for asbestos abatement (Fall 2021)
  • Completed City of Elmhurst's Planned Unit Development Process for Adult Center/Centennial Park site, including presenting the concept plan to the City's Development, Planning and Zoning Committee and Zoning and Planning Commission along with holding a public meeting at the site (Fall 2021)
  • EHC Industries, Inc. completed asbestos abatement (Fall 2021)
  • O'Neill Contractors began construction (Fall 2021), including the following:
    • completed demolition (e.g., portions of the gymnasium for new door locations, portions of toilet room floor for installation of underground plumbing);
    • excavated for new water service outside of building;
    • removed carpet and ceiling grid;
    • patched corridor wall where the water coolers and previous door were located; and
    • installed domestic water lines to the toilet room location.

Centennial Recreation Center construction photos - Winter 2022


News & Updates

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The Park District’s 2021 Budget reflects a year of transition as part of a slow and gradual recovery including the reopening and expanding of facilities, programs and services as the COVID-19 vaccine becomes wider-spread, mandated capacity and social distancing restrictions are lifted, and more participants become comfortable to return to indoor programs and services.

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This week, Elmhurst Community Unit District 205 and Elmhurst Park District finalized plans for the purchase and sale of the property at 407 W. St Charles Road, commonly known as The Abbey.