Fence Improvement project to begin July 2019

With the roll out of Vision 2020, six key goals emerged including improved condition and maintenance of parks and amenities. To align with that goal, a fence improvement project will begin soon at Berens and Van Voorst parks. The project is based on athletic field park assessments that were completed during the Vision 2020 process.

The fence improvement project was approved in the amount of $75,975 during the May 13 Park Board meeting. The plans include removing and replacing the existing backstop, sideline fencing and dugout fencing at Berens Park Field #5 and removing and replacing fence along the east side of Van Voorst Park. The Berens Park fencing will be a black vinyl coated chain link in order to match The Hub and the park’s synthetic turf field fencing.

Construction is expected to begin in late July 2019 with a scheduled completion date of August 14, 2019. To learn more about Vision 2020, please visit vision2020.epd.org.