Park Board Approves Paver Replacement at The Depot

  • The Depot

With the goal of increasing accessibility to The Depot, a historic building situated in Wild Meadows Trace, the Park Board approved the replacement of The Depot’s pavers at the Monday, February 27, 2017 meeting, at a cost of $22,320. The new pavers will provide a continuous, smooth surface and improve ADA accessibility. The existing bricks have ¾” gaps or wider, are uneven and are beginning to chip.
The existing pavers will be removed and replaced with new pavers on a stone setting bed. To maintain the historic aesthetic of The Depot, the new pavers are reminiscent of the existing pavers. A section of the existing pavers will also be kept in place to preserve the historic nature of the site and the railroad tracks set in the current pavers will also remain in place. Construction on this project is expected to begin in fall 2017.
The current pavers, while not well suited for their current location given their condition, still retain their historic character. With this in mind, ideas are being explored for repurposing the bricks, including potentially working with members of the Elmhurst Garden Club interested in reusing some of the bricks.