Fall Broadleaf Applications to begin October 6

Eternally Green Lawn Care, Inc. is scheduled to begin the annual fall broadleaf weed control applications on October 6, 2021. Applications are scheduled to take place between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. with some variations depending on the location. The schedule is weather dependent and may need to be adjusted based on conditions.  The District will update our website and social media with any changes to the application schedule.

Yard signs notifying patrons of the upcoming application will be posted at the entrances of the parks prior to the scheduled application dates. The product that will be applied is called SpeedZone and patrons are asked to remain off the grass until the product has dried. 

In keeping with the District’s commitment to reducing herbicide usage, the 2021 fall broadleaf weed control application includes a 15% reduction of the overall application. That is approximately 30 acres of turf grass that will not receive an herbicide application this fall.

For more information or to answer any questions please email Dan Payne, Director of Parks or call (630) 993-8940.

Annual Fall Broadleaf Weed Control Schedule

(schedule is weather dependent)

Friday, October 15

  • Wagner Community Center
  • Berens Park

Monday, October 18

  • Salt Creek Park
  • Crestview Park

Tuesday, October 19

  • East End Park
  • Washington Park

Wednesday, October 20

  • Wild Meadows Trace

Thursday, October 21

  • Wilder Park

Fall Broadleaf Weed Control Applications have been completed at the following locations:

  • York Commons
  • Pioneer Park
  • Kiwanis Park
  • Administrative Office
  • Butterfield Park
  • Eldridge Park
  • Maple Trail Woods
  • Ben Allison Park
  • Plunkett Park
  • Courts Plus
  • Glos Memorial Park
  • Golden Meadows
  • Centennial Park
  • Crescent Park